Instagrammers Anonymous: Back to Normal

Aaaaaand breathe…

For about the first time in a month I sat down last night and did absolutely nothing. I sat watching reruns of various BBC panel shows on Dave. There was no rushing about searching out last minute holiday essentials, no reading up on destinations, no being on holiday, no post-holiday chores like washing or writing excessively long blog posts (over here, if you want a look – I know I sell them so well). I took the dog for a bit of a walk and that was it. Life is clearly back to normal. If life is back to normal that means it’s high time for the weekly addiction round up – Instagrammers Anonymous!

First off we’ve got the dog, and the attention I got whilst eating chocolate cake which she wants in the worst way, but obviously can’t have.

Following all of the high winds and rain that have been battering the UK this week, I noticed  that the benches in Princes Street Gardens appear to be sinking!

I also upgraded this week to iOS6. It’s caused me a few problems (don’t even get me started on the maps – although this has been my favourite website this week) but, much more excitingly, I discovered that I can now take panoramic photos on my phone! And embarrassingly they’re as good as (if not better) than the ones I can take on my actual camera.Panorama of Princes Street Gardens and Edinburgh Castle

Hope you’ve had a good week and are looking forward a weekend that’s as lazy as mine is going to be!



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