Weekend Wanders

And once again it’s Monday. Where the weekend goes is anyone’s guess, but this time round I think mine was quite busy. Oh, and the sun shone!

Dog looking at green fieldSaturday saw that busiest of mornings – the lie in and read the paper sort – with no one else at home (except Keira, the dog) ‘pyjamas ’til lunchtime‘ was the order of the day, for the second day on the trot (I was working from home on Friday, thus PJs, slippers and coffee was all the rage). When I finally got my lazy behind into gear it was time to walk the dog. It was definitely a case of making the most of the distinctly non-autumnal weather, so Keira and I went up the path that goes beside the River Almond.

Over the course of our four mile wander we encountered two rabbits, a squirrel, a dozen or so planes (the end of Edinburgh Airport’s runway is near a bend of the river) and a pair of pheasants. Both my arm and the lead were definitely a little stretched by the end of it, and Keira was in a mood because I wouldn’t let her chase the pheasants across the harvested wheat fields.Dog looking out over corn field

Having spent Sunday morning doing dull domestic things and attempting my first ever baking that involved yeast, dog walking time was a spot of light relief. We just took her up Costorphine Hill (it being nearby), but our laziness paid off as we discovered some fantastic bramble/blackberry bushes – watch this space for a jam making session soon – and some equally wonderful views.Edinburgh city centre, castle, arthur's seat and murrayfield golf course from costorphine hill

But alas – at time of writing – it’s Sunday evening, I’m full of gammon, apple crumble and red wine, and it’s time for Downton Abbey; the weekend is almost at an end. Looking on the bright side though, I’ve got lots of freshly made cinnamon buns to eat and a four day week as I’m off to Yorkshire on Friday morning. Win.Sun, clouds and a harvested wheat field



8 thoughts on “Weekend Wanders

  1. Mmmm, gammon! So they worked out alright, the cinnamon buns? Would they pass muster with Paul Hollywood, do you think?

    I think most of the comments I’ve left on your blog have been about food. I worry myself sometimes.

    • That is definitely the right response to gammon! Well, I don’t think Mr Hollywood would be hugely impressed, but I like them – and most of the ones I’ve brought into the office this morning had gone by 10am… (although I don’t know if that’s a reflection on my baking abilities or my colleagues’ desire for Monday morning procrastination).

      I think most of the conversations I have with people are about food. It’s totally a good thing. Or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

  2. Oh I’m so jealous that you managed to make cinnamon buns – I adore them, but every time I try they fail miserably. Come visit and make me some? Pretty please? Oh, and some apple crumble whilst you’re at it.

    • Sure, I’ll pop over on my day on Friday, yeah? I love cinnamon buns (did you know last Thursday was national cinnamon bun day in Sweden?), but this was my first attempt at making them. Our apple tree has delivered the square root of bugger all this year, there is a distinct lack of apple-filled baking in my life. It’s upsetting me greatly.

      • Sweet as, bru – Friday’s good for me. Totally didn’t know that, I’ll be sleeping better tonight. Oh, that IS upsetting!!

      • Good good. Glad I have fulfilled my purpose. I know, Sunday’s crumble was with shop-bought apples. It’s just not the same.

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