A Second Year In Photos: Making Friends With The Animals

As a semi-reformed (OK, not at all reformed) biologist and a dog lover it’s hardly surprising that pictures of animals have made several appearances here so to celebrate day 1 of A Second Year In Photos, I’ve decided to go for two of my favourite animal photos of the last 12 months. Most of them have, of course, been my dog Keira, but one or two others have sneaked in there too.

Her Majesty, AKA Keira, has a thing for rugby and tennis balls (and for crying at the TV when the players won’t let her take part), which oddly enough mirrors my own sporting preferences – although I don’t cry/shout at the TV as much. Usually. This photo was my desktop image for a good deal of this year, so it had to feature here.
Rugby, 40 days of photos, super saturday

When I was in London last December it was a fantastic day, and whilst wandering through St James’ Park I made a couple of new friends, this guy being the most entertaining.London St James' ParkCr


6 thoughts on “A Second Year In Photos: Making Friends With The Animals

  1. Keira is just adorable, and I love that squirrel photo. Squirrels are just so funny to watch. There are some super inquisitive ones down in the graveyard that borders Lothian Road near the West End (I forget what the actual church that the graveyard belongs to is called… But I do know that Agatha Christie got married there).

    • It’s called St Cuthbert’s or St John’s (there are two, I never know which is which). But a fun fact in place of a name is clearly just as good, if not better. I can assure there are moments when Keira is anything but adorable, like this morning when she woke me up by poking her cold nose into my ear…

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