A Second Year In Photos: Instagrammers (Not So) Anonymous

One of this year’s regular features only started back at the end of April, but since then it’s happened almost every Friday; it is, of course, Instagrammers Anonymous. When I got my iPhone in April one of the first apps I downloaded was Instagram, and the addiction has flowed from that moment on. It’s slightly pathetic, I fully admit, but it’s so easy (and addictive) to take your phone out, take an average photo and make it look more fun with a simple filter. It’s certainly a lot quicker than using a camera and spending an age doing the same thing on photoshop! Over the last six months there have been pets and parties, cakes and castles, gin and *insert something beginning with G (excluding giraffe) here*. Basically, you name it, it’s been there. It seemed only right, therefore, to let Instagrammers Anonymous retain its usual Friday spot and make it day 3 of A Second Year In Photos.

Hello, my name’s Craig and I’m an Instagramming-aholic.

Following the success of the lime and chilli gin and other exciting home-flavoured alcohols I decided to refill my empty Raspberry Edinburgh Gin bottle with my own version of the scarlet nectar. Once bottled it… uhm… evaporated… very quickly…raspberry gin in a bottle with label

The following is one of the first photos I took with Instagram. And to this day remains one of my favourites (nothing like starting well and going downhill from there). It is, of course, of Keira, and until the delightful catastrophe that was me updating to iOS6 it was my phone’s background image.
Instagram, iPhone 4S, Keira

Tomorrow it’s time to celebrate the Jub-Olympic summer!


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