A Second Year In Photos: It’s All About The Sunsets

And finally, the last little section of A Second Year In Photos. Much like yesterday’s black and white day, it seemed unlikely that sunsets weren’t going to feature somewhere in this list. Although, if you were being picky, I’ve already sneaked one cheeky sunset into Cake and Kremlin Adventures

I’m sure someone who writes more creatively could turn this post into some metaphor about the sun setting on the second year of Contemplating the Clouds, but fortunately that’s not the way brain my works; I am just obsessed just really like sunsets.

The first two photos come from around the time I was working down near Inverleith Park and often walked round its rugby pitches and pond on my way into town to meet friends.Sunset, Inverleith Park, Edinburgh, Inverleith Pond,Rugby Posts, Sunset, Inverleith Park, Lent, 40 Days of photosThe last photo in this year’s review was taken way back in January out at Blackness Castle. We were walking back to the car after a stunningly beautiful, frosty walk and this was the site that greeted us from the car park. Bliss.Sunset over Blackness Another Day Another Sunset Edinburgh

And so ends A Second Year In PhotosI hope you’ve enjoyed this little round up of my favourite pictures from the year, and fingers crossed there are plenty more photos to come. Thanks for stopping by.



3 thoughts on “A Second Year In Photos: It’s All About The Sunsets

  1. I love that last photo from Blackness – I love the mist in particular, it really makes the photo just look so dreamy and pretty. (Ok, dreamy isn’t quite the word I’m looking for, but apparently my ability to speak English has deserted me at the moment.)

      • It was just one of those days that the light was good for taking photos, I guess. It looked even better as we drove away, but it’s kind of hard to take photos from behind the wheel (and slightly illegal). Glad you’ve liked the series, it’s been fun to write.

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