Instagrammers Anonymous: Mixed Reactions

Now that the year has been suitably reviewed in A Second Year In Photos, it’s time to get back to something a bit more normal. Somehow it is once again Friday (where has the week gone?) which means it is time to take stock of the week that has been and look  ahead of another busy weekend – it’s Instagrammers Anonymous.

We’re going to start this week with a moan and a boycott. There is an excellent bar in Edinburgh called The Dome, it was (I think) once a bank, so has fantastically ornate marble floors, floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls and an enormous circular bar. All in all it’s pretty special, and it’s very to lose an evening in amongst the mood lighting and palm fronds. However, they also have a tendency to put their Christmas decorations up too early. WAY, WAY, WAY TOO EARLY! They’ve now been up for a week and a half, and it’s NOT EVEN THE END OF OCTOBER!!!!

In case you hadn’t already gathered, this irritates me quite a bit. I will, therefore, be boycotting it in a sort of one-man (slightly pointless) protest until the 1st December – then it can be Christmasy to its heart’s content.

Christmas decorations, the Dome, Edinburgh

This week also the rather sudden disappearance of a famous landmark. The other day a fog descended on town and Edinburgh Castle vanished from view, leaving some very bewildered tourists looking at their maps and pointing to the blank patch where they (quite rightly) thought it should be. As a side remark to this photo (because the tram-wire pillar is about the only thing you can see) a ‘progress report’ on our sodding tram project came out this week – apparently the whole thing is now “on track”. I think the painful irony of this pun was rather lost on the report’s authors.Edinburgh Castle in the Mist

On to happy and less irate news: In case you haven’t realised, I’m quite the Bond fan. In celebration of the release of Skyfall today (!!!) my younger brother and I decided a while ago to watch all of the previous 22 films. We watched the first 4 then ‘skipped a couple’ before watching number 22 last weekend. With a spare evening popping up on Wednesday, we decided to squeeze another one in, I had an excellent evening in with my favourite Bond film and a large glass of wine. And even better, I have my tickets sorted for seeing Skyfall later this evening. The word ‘excited’ doesn’t even come close to describing my feelings.Casino Royal dvdWith an action-packed Friday night planned and the potential for making some jam to follow on Saturday (just how I roll) it looks like I’m in for a jam-packed (sorry, couldn’t resist) weekend. Whatever you’re up to – I’m just assuming you’re going to the cinema – I hope Adele and the sound explosions brightens up your weekend.



3 thoughts on “Instagrammers Anonymous: Mixed Reactions

  1. Ugh to the Dome. They do that every year and it never fails to irritate me (even on the other side of the world, hah). The worst part is that their decorations are always really well done and I love them in December.

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