Instagrammers Anonymous: A Moral Christmas Jam

After last week’s Bond-tastic, Christmas-decoration-busting Instagrammers Anonymous, this week’s edition is back to the good old ‘honestly, I’m not actually middle aged’ stance. Yup, I’ve spent a large chunk of the week in the kitchen.

First off, I started the Christmas Cake! Yes, I am aware that Christmas is still seven-or-so weeks away, but I’m making the actual cake this weekend (it needs to be ‘fed’ at least 5 times before Christmas), so I started prep-ing early. Most recipes say that your fruit needs to steep in the brandy for ‘a couple of hours’ or (in some audacious recipes) ‘over night’. This is clearly nonsense – mine are going to have 6 days. I call this Winning at Life (and most certainly not casual alcoholism).Soaking fruit for the Christmas cake

As if that wasn’t a middle-aged enough start, this week also saw my mum and I’s annual jam making session. We came across loads of wild fruit whilst walking the dog over the last few month, so we helped ourselves to some raspberries, brambles/blackberries (whatever you care to call them) and redcurrants, chucked them in the freezer, and the other night made jam. It’s pretty darn good, even if I do say so myself – just don’t look at the ingredients too closely.Raspberry, bramble and redcurrant jam

And finally, another little bit of ‘It’s too early for Christmas‘ moaning. From today a certain coffee chain (beginning with ‘star’ and ending in ‘bucks’ – I’ll leave you to guess who it is) started selling their Christmas flavours. At least, I suppose, they had the ‘decency’ to wait until November (unlike The Dome), but it’s still too early! Although in saying that, they do have a ‘buy one get one free’ offer on at the moment, so I might have caved and cheered my Friday afternoon up with a cheeky gingerbread latte. My morals are flexible, what can I say?Christmas Drinks (Gingerbread Latte) from Starbucks

My weekend is going to be taken up by Christmas-y things (too early, I know, but we’ve already established the flexibility of my morals), but no doubt there’ll be plenty of photos for Monday. Whatever you’re up to, have a great weekend.


10 thoughts on “Instagrammers Anonymous: A Moral Christmas Jam

  1. I’ve had intentions to make christmas cake all year…’ve just reminded me that it needs to be made well in advance! Looks like I’ll be having a prematurely christmas-y weekend too!

  2. In defence of Christmas flavours/variaties of stuff, it does mean that if you really like some of them you get two months to have as much as you want before they’re taken off the shelves. Although if companies were to use that defence, they should really be calling them “winter flavours”.

    I hope your cake comes out well, though I’m sure it will. The jam looks amazing. Today I will mostly be making chocolate cheesecake, the ease of which is offset by the fact that it won’t be edible until tomorrow. Boo.

    • That is very true – gingerbread lattes are the only kind of lattes I can drink without feeling horribly ill – but it does rather defeat the ‘Christmas’ part. I think you’re on to something with having ‘winter’ branding on them.

      I hope the cake turns out well too! (although I’m going to have to think of a new decoration, last year’s took HOURS) I’ve seemingly got a bit of a reputation for pretty boozy cakes – who’d have guessed? Thanks, I might make labels tomorrow, just to make it a little more ridiculous. Good luck with the cheesecake, they’re definitely one of the best desserts, even if they do take forever to set (or have to wait for a particular time to be eaten).

    • Ta. It turned out fine, though I did forget about it completely and leave it in the oven 20 minutes too long. However, the upside of cooking a desert that is basically a big old lump of fat, at Gas Mark 0.5, is that such mistakes have little effect. It’s a bit cracked, but who cares, after all, I’m not sharing it.

      Re. decoration, are you pro- or anti-fondant? I like the neatness of it and the fact that you can make little models out of it, and I don’t mind the texture, but nothing quite beats rich, fluffy buttercream for me.

      • Oh well then, if you’re not sharing it and it was on GM.5 then it’s not too much of a crisis. Normally I’d be butter cream all the way, but for a Christmas cake it has to be fondant. Not sure why, but that is the rule.

  3. That jam looks fantastic – I love jam-making, it’s so much fun. You’re clearly winning at life with your Christmas cake preparations, particularly if it comes out anything like last year’s one which was delicious! (Because swimming in alcohol = cake win. Fact.)

    • Well, thankfully my family seem to agree with that fact (who doesn’t?). It came out a little ‘well done’ on the top, but apart from that it seems OK, even got the decoration idea sorted. Fingers crossed it’ll turn out nicely again. I love jam making, or possibly that I just love proper jam! Didn’t love cutting the labels out so much (far too precise for my liking), but hey ho, at least I get to eat it now.

      • Ooooo that’s exciting – I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with (I assume you’ll be blogging about it, but if not, I expect a photo, just so you know). Oh ya, cutting out labels is a bit of a pain – you clearly should have delegated.

      • Yeah, no doubt it will be blogged about at some point. It’s a pretty cool idea (even if I say so myself), if it works, that is…

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