“Isn’t it Getting Dark Early?”

It was a busy old weekend, not quite sure where it went, but then again do I ever? Sure, losing Saturday morning because of Friday evening was pretty much all of my own making, but it sure did shorten the weekend.Bike going along a track

Water of leith and Murrayfield stadiumNot that I spent it all sleeping – far from it. Since Thursday’s jam making session, I’ve spent the evening in the pub, a morning feeling ever-so-slightly sorry for myself, made a Christmas cake, taken the dog for three walks, made a risotto, been out for a cycle (and somehow ended up buying a bottle of wine and a jumper, as you do), made a ham, chicken and leek pie, and labelled the jams. All of this has kind of limited my time for writing blog posts.Clouds at sunset

As luck would have it though, walking the dog was later on Saturday (delayed due to Christmas cake creation) which meant that the sun was setting when we got down to the shore – I do like sunsets, not sure if I’ve mentioned it before – and it was also wonderfully crisp [read: bloody freezing] on Sunday when I went for a ride on my new bike, both of which led to some photo taking. Combined with the phrase I’ve heard so many times in the last week – you’d think with the clocks going back at this time every year we’d realise it got dark earlier, but seemingly not, I’m as guilty as everyone for saying it – I think they sum up the non-food part of my weekend quite well. Hope you enjoy.Sunset at Granton, firth of forthReflection of trees in the water, at sunset


5 thoughts on ““Isn’t it Getting Dark Early?”

  1. Beautiful sunsets! I’m always surprised that it gets dark so early when the clocks go back, even though it’s the same every year (and then I’m always surprised by how light it is in the evenings when they go forward).

  2. I hate it getting dark earlier, I really really bloody do.

    I love the fact that I’m reading a blog where someone mentions having got their jam-labelling done. That gives me the warm fuzzies. As does chicken, ham and leek pie. I used to be a plain chicken person when I was younger, but I’m a total convert to that combination; it’s got to be in the top 3 savoury pie flavours, surely?

    • Ha ha, well I’m glad to be helpful. Jam labelling was a pain though (who thought that making labels would be a more ‘fun’ idea that sticky labels and a biro…). I’m definitely a steak and ale pie sort of a person, but chicken, ham and leek does come pretty close to the top of the list.

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