Instagrammers Anonymous: Winter Appears to Have Begun

Yes, today it is the highlight – I think I can safely say – of everyone’s week: Friday. For millions around the world this is – obviously – because it’s Instagrammers Anonymous day, and for a select few it is because it marks the start of a couple of days of being even busier than you are the rest of the week. At least I think that’s the way it works.

It’s been another busy week, last weekend vanished into the kitchen and dog walking, whilst Monday involved a game of Scrabble that got too competitive (can you use a French word if it’s one we would use in cooking here? It was quite a close game), Tuesday a wine and food tasting at Valvona and Crolla (it was a charity thing my parents were going to, but I managed to wrangle a ticket), I was going to write a post about it, but I completely forgot to take any photos – I may or may not have taken advantage of lots of the good wine and port that was on offer. Wednesday saw another trip to see Skyfall – it’s still incredible, can’t wait for the DVD to come out – and Thursday, well Thursday I decided it was time for a little exercise and TV watching. Emphasis on the TV watching.

Of all last weekend’s exploits, I managed to take photos of none (perhaps I’m losing my addiction to Instagram? But I very much doubt it), I did however, take photos whilst out walking the dog. The sunset was pretty amazing on Saturday down by the shore, so naturally the addiction kicked in.Sunset, firth of forth, instagram

Apart from that, the only other photo I’ve taken this week was one snapped on a lunchtime stroll through Princes Street Gardens. You can tell that winter appears to have begun, there are fewer and fewer people out and about, and (shockingly) barely anyone sitting on the benches to eat their lunch.Benches and bare trees in Princes Street Gardens

I’ve less of a kitchen-dwelling weekend planned for the next few days – I’m off to the Scotland Vs All Blacks match at Murrayfield on Sunday, so so so excited – so who knows how it’ll all end up (well, I’ve a pretty good idea of what’ll happen on Sunday, but team spirit is a wonderful thing). Hope you have a great weekend.


PS. On a completely arbitrary note, does anyone know where I can buy roll-out brown icing in the Edinburgh area/the internet?


8 thoughts on “Instagrammers Anonymous: Winter Appears to Have Begun

  1. Have you tried the kitchen shop place on Rose St (I forget the name, but you know the one I mean)? If they don’t have any, they should be able to tell you where to look or where you could order it from. Or what about Lakeland? Possibly Bibi’s but I’m not sure they sell icing, I think they’re more into sprinkles and stuff to put on top of icing. Or… you could buy icing and colour it yourself?
    (I’m assuming that you’ve probably already tried or thought of those options, but I thought I’d throw my obviously very up-to-date two cents in anyway.)

    • Yeah, I keep meaning to go into that place on Rose St (the name escapes me too, but I know where you mean), Lakeland don’t have it and I hadn’t thought about Bibis. Last time I did it myself I made rather a mess, so I’m trying to avoid that this time. Well, knowing me I would be liable to miss something I walk passed regularly, so I’m glad you chipped in.

      • Oh that’s a pretty good reason. I accidentally dyed part of my kitchen counter yellow when making lemon macarons the other week… I still haven’t managed to get it all out. Woops. Not being able to remember the name of that place on Rose St is really bugging me. Hmmmm.

      • It’s called ‘Creative Cookware’ (it was bugging me, so I just went to check), but sadly they do not have any. And the dim assistant didn’t know where I could get any. Sad times. Looks like I might be dying the worksurface at mine brown and maybe red too.

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