A Year in Photos

A Year in Photos was a week long series of posts to celebrate Contemplating the Clouds being a year old. There were 12 photos taken from various posts throughout the year and colated under (sometimes tenuous) themes: Sunlight, Travels, Snow, Photoshopped, The Two That Didn’t Fit, and Black and White St Andrews. Contemplating the Clouds is 1

In case you missed any here they all are, from the beginning.

Monday – Sunlight
A year in photos, st andrews, sunlight

Chilli and Lime Gin Tuesday – Travels

Wednesday – Snow

Thursday – Photoshopped
Edinburgh - Wander at the WeekendPhotographs of the Garden/A Year in Photos

Friday – The Two That Don’t Fit
Changing Autumn Colours / A Year in Photos

Edinburgh Farmers' Market

Saturday – Black and White St Andrews
A year in photos, St Salvator's, St AndrewsSt Andrews, A year in photos

If you want to see any of the photos at their proper size, just click on them. For the ramblings that describe them follow the link in the title of each day.


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