Hello, and welcome to Contemplating the Clouds!

Since you’ve come to this page I’m guessing you want to know a little bit more about the rambling idiot behind the camera.

I’m Craig – a food-loving, gin-drinking, snap-happy twenty-something living and working in Edinburgh. I’m prone to rambling and enjoy nothing more than being in the kitchen making food for friends or being out and about discovering all the things that make Edinburgh such a wonderful place to live.

I started Contemplating the Clouds in 2010 during my final year of uni in St Andrews, where I was studying for a BSc in Behavioural Biology. The original idea was to set up a photo blog so I could do something vaguely useful with all the photos I seem to take; but let’s be honest, it was as much another form of procrastination (something I am greatly skilled at) as anything else.

From all that time staring out of the library windows, gazing up at the clouds floating by, came the name – Contemplating the Clouds – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Having graduated in 2011 I left ‘the Bubble’ (as St Andrews is affectionately known by its student population)and moved to Edinburgh to join the world of unemployment. With plenty of time on my hands the blog became more about life in the city and full of photos from my many kitchen adventures, but alas I had to eventually get a job (I was climbing the walls with boredom). I now work in internet marketing, filling my days pretending to both know what I’m doing and be a ‘grown-up’.

When I’m not at work I’m liable to be in the kitchen or enjoying good food and drink with friends. On the days that’s not possible I’m out with the dog and my camera, exploring the city.

I’m easily bribed ‘persuaded’ with gin, wine, coffee, cheese or cake, quite talkative (or so people tell me) and a sucker for a challenge. Oh and did I mention I ramble a bit sometimes?

If you want to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. Carrier pigeons/owls are quite messy so these ways are a lot simpler all round:

Email: contemplatingthecloudsATgmailDOTcom
Twitter: @contempclouds

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