A Year in Photos: Tuesday – Travels

So, day two of ‘A Year in Photos’.

Travel is an important part of the blog, and that part has almost taken over lately. But that’s not the travel I’m going to focus on, I’m going to go with the two places I’ve been on ‘holiday’ to this year.

As with everyone who’s been to St A, I now have friends that live down in London. Back at the start of January I decided to take a couple of days off to go visit a few of these friends. Whilst we did a lot of stuff in the three days I was there, a lot of it was related to imbibing, so not many photos (or those fit for public consumption, at least) exist from the weekend. However, this one does and was a stand alone photo form the post on the 15th of January and is from our ice skating expedition to Somerset House.

The other trip I’ve had away this year was at the end of May. We had all finished our degrees and needed a holiday to relax. Many people go abroad for this, however, we decided to hire a cottage (well, technically it was a hunting lodge, but there were 9 of us) up in the Highlands for a week. This is my favourite photo I took whilst I was away, coming from the post Incommunicado, back on the 6th June. I took it from half way up the munro ‘across the road’, the tiny white spec towards the right hand side was our house.

As with all the photos this week, if you would like to see today’s in more detail just click on them and they’ll open in a new tab at their full size. I hope you enjoyed today’s ‘A Year in Photos’, and if you would like more have a look tomorrow when the theme is ‘Snow’.


A Year in Photos: Monday – Sunlight

To celebrate the first birthday of Contemplating the Clouds every day this week I am going to re-post twelve of my favourite photos from the past 12 months.

Today’s theme (read very, very loose connection) is ‘Sunlight’.

The first of these is quite a recent addition to the blog, from A Weekend in Photos on the 5th September. The Lime and Chilli Gin, an idea sparked by my great uncle, resulting in the perfect winter warming drink.Chilli and Lime Gin The recipe can be found here.

Where does the sun always shine? Well, not St Andrews, that’s for sure. Much as we love it – if for the scenery more than the howling wind – it is not the sunniest place known to man. But when the sun does shine I don’t think there are many other places I’d like to be. This is from An Update on the Photo Challenge on the 30th June.

So these are today’s ‘A year in photos’ photos, have a look back tomorrow when the theme will be ‘Holidays”.


More Autumn Colours

This is possibly one of my favourite times of year. It makes for some beautiful photos.

There’s no room for carrying dead weight in the natural world, so as it becomes disadvantageous to keep pumping nutrients into leaves it is time to get rid of them. The relatively short period of time in which the leaves get less and less from the tree is when they go through the part of the spectrum that we all know as autumnal.More Autumn ColoursOur late little burst of summer has made this particularly stunning here in Edinburgh this year; a rare treat that is probably over now that the rain and wind have moved in. I should probably point out at this juncture that these two photos aren’t actually new. Having, somewhat foolishly, not taken my camera out at the weekend I don’t have any new photos (apart from the selection published in The Colours, they are a changing the other day) so I’m using this as an excuse to use a couple I took last year (not long before the blog started) in St Andrews.

This time of year also boasts some of my favourite food: with any luck we’ll have some more apples off our tree to make crumble with and maybe some local wild brambles to add to our wild raspberries (frozen a couple of months ago) to make the jam we’ve been threatening to make the last couple of years. Watch this space for further details.

In the mean time, remember to look up!More Autumn ColoursCr

What Would Your Mother Say?

Whilst having dinner at Illegal Jacks the other night (see the ramble on Food Tourism from yesterday) I slurped my way through a bottle of Brewdog’s Trashy Blonde.

I was introduced to Brewdog a couple of years ago when it was still relatively unheard of (yes, that cool) when a friend had a bottle one night. Regular readers of my rambles will be well aware that I am not an expert, but I really enjoy its distinctive, fresh taste (my other favourite of theirs is 5am Saint).

The other part I love is their ‘brand’. It’s cheeky, it’s irreverent, it’s fun and totally different from the status quo. I know some people (the old, fuddy-duddy) won’t like it, but I think it is refreshing (as refreshing as the beer, the cliché book might say). So much so that I feel I should share what it says in the description on the side of the bottle of Trashy Blonde:

“A titillating, neurotic, peroxide punk of a pale ale. Combining attitude, style, substance and a little bit of low self esteem for good measure; what would your mother say?
You really should just leae it alone…
But you can’t get the compulsive malt body and gorgeous dirty blonde colour out of your head. The seductive lure of the sassy passion fruit hop proves too much to resist. All that is even before we get onto the fact that there are no additives, peservatives, pasteuriasation or strings attached” – Trashy Blonde, You know you shouldn’t.The best part is that they even have a bar in Edinburgh, now there’s a place to visit soon.