Forty Days of Photos

The aim was fairly simple: For 40 days, starting on the 22nd February 2012, I was to take a photo each day. That photo was going represent something from that day; something I’d done or something I’d seen. There was quite a lot of variety in that time – I changed jobs and with it the area of town I worked in, went on a trip to the Peak District, sometimes I stayed in, sometimes I went out, I walked to work in different ways, etc. – which lead to some random and interesting photos. If you want to see any of them click on the links below. I’ve also put in a few of my favourites, so you can see them as well.

Day 1: A Whole New Challenge; Day 2: Red Brick Bridges; Day 3: One More Time; Day 4: Friday Night at the Circus; Day 5: Silhouette; Day 6: Allez les Blancs!; Day 7: Unraveling Without Unwrapping – Fascinating Mummies; Day 8: A View (of a Bridge) From a Bridge; Day 9: Contemplating the Clouds and the Sky; Day 10: My Love of Public Transport.
Forth Rail Bridge, Edinburgh, South Queensferry, Lent, 40 Days of photos

Day 11: Help! I’m being Eaten by a Species from Another Continent!; Day 12: Sunset (Yet Another One); Day 13: Carlton Hill; Day 14: Back From Adventures at the Wriggly Tin; Day 15: West Register House and a Casual Bit of Editing; Day 16: First Stroll in Princes Street Gardens; Day 17: Well, Mate, It’s a Bit Screwed; Day 18: Blue Skies; Day 19: Cut Out Monument; Day 20: Left to Rust.

Edinburgh, Carlton Hill, Old Town, Lent, 40 Days of photos

Day 21: Contemplating the Clouds; Day 21: The Other Register House; Day 22: Why Thank You, I don’t Mind if I Do; Day 23: The Benefits of a Deaf Bus Driver; Day 24: It’s Super Saturday; Day 25: Easy Like a Sunday Morning; Day 26: Making Mothers’ Day Mousse; Day 27: The New Town Gardens; Day 28: Ikea; Day 29: Bute House; Day 30: Setting Sun.Mango and Chocolate Mousse

Day 31: ‘A Post Work Drink’; Day 32: Farmers’ Market; Day 33: Canals and Reflections; Day 34: Night Time Edinburgh; Day 35: Sunny Days and Ruined Views; Day 36: 5 Days to go; Day 37: The Sun Continues to Shine; Day 38: What Represents a Saturday Morning?; Day 39: Spring is Definitely Here (and about time to!); Day 40: Playing the Tourist.Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Gardens, Sunlight, Walk, Spring, Edinburgh

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that there are actually two Day 21s in there. That is because I’m a bit of an idiot.Night time Edinburgh, Edinburgh, buildings

So I hope you enjoyed Forty (one) Days of Photos, let me know which was your favourite!


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