A Second Year In Photos: It’s All About The Sunsets

And finally, the last little section of A Second Year In Photos. Much like yesterday’s black and white day, it seemed unlikely that sunsets weren’t going to feature somewhere in this list. Although, if you were being picky, I’ve already sneaked one cheeky sunset into Cake and Kremlin Adventures

I’m sure someone who writes more creatively could turn this post into some metaphor about the sun setting on the second year of Contemplating the Clouds, but fortunately that’s not the way brain my works; I am just obsessed just really like sunsets.

The first two photos come from around the time I was working down near Inverleith Park and often walked round its rugby pitches and pond on my way into town to meet friends.Sunset, Inverleith Park, Edinburgh, Inverleith Pond,Rugby Posts, Sunset, Inverleith Park, Lent, 40 Days of photosThe last photo in this year’s review was taken way back in January out at Blackness Castle. We were walking back to the car after a stunningly beautiful, frosty walk and this was the site that greeted us from the car park. Bliss.Sunset over Blackness Another Day Another Sunset Edinburgh

And so ends A Second Year In PhotosI hope you’ve enjoyed this little round up of my favourite pictures from the year, and fingers crossed there are plenty more photos to come. Thanks for stopping by.



Instagrammers Anonymous: Books, Blackness and Bond



It’s been a quick week, hasn’t it? Doesn’t feel that long since I was last writing a instagram-y review of last week. Anyway, this week’s slightly delayed (because of James Bond Day) round-up is here – it’s a mixed bunch, but when is Instagrammers Anonymous not?

Last weekend we took a trip out to Blackness – it’s about 10 mins west of Edinburgh’s city boundary – and were greeted by incredibly strong winds and this incredible view.
Forth Bridges from Blackness CastleOf all the things I’ve been told recently I think the most bewildering is when the woman sitting next to me on the bus on Wednesday evening told me that my choice of reading material was “odd”. I really don’t think it is – am I just losing the plot? Interesting, I learnt on that same bus journey (from the two chav-lettes sitting behind me) that “Jimmy’s missus has got the clap, but she’s no tellin’ ‘im”. The things you learn on buses…

Michael Palin's around the world in 80 days, paperbackJust like last year (and I imagine every year to come) there’s now a crunchy carpet around the streets as the leaves begin falling. I was greated by this flame-coloured puddle when trying to avoid the smell of paint in my office one lunch time.

Red and orange leaves in a puddle

As previously mentioned (several times) Friday was James Bond Day – the 50th anniversary of the premier of Dr No. It seemed almost rude not to watch it.

Dr No DVD cover

I’ve no idea what’ll feature next week or what I’m even doing – apart from my first very attempt to bake with yeast – but whatever you do I hope you enjoy it.


Another Day, Another Sunset

And so another weekend is drawing to a close. It’s been very busy, but very enjoyable.

This afternoon’s dog walk was out along the beach and woods beside Blackness Castle in West Lothian (just west of Edinburgh).

It was an absolutely stunning afternoon, bitterly cold but the sun, frost and haar played off each other beautifully. There’ll be a full update on it tomorrow, but for now here is today’s sunset over the village of Blackness, taken from the edge of the Castle.
Sunset over Blackness Another Day Another Sunset Edinburgh