Instagrammers Anonymous: Hello 2013

So, uhm, it’s 2013. Anyone know what happened to 2012? It seemed to pass quite quickly…

2013 may be set to be a slightly quieter year than 2012 – although that said I’ve a couple of exciting things lined up, including a little trip to the States in September for a good friend’s wedding – but I think we can all agree that’s probably because 2012 was something of a vintage year.

Here to see out the old, and usher in the new is the New Year edition of Instagrammers Anonymous:

Edinburgh is quite big in the New Year (or Hogmanay) stakes, and this year was to be extra special because it was the 20th anniversary of the first major street party. I’m not entirely sure what happened in 92/3 to warrant such a party, but 20 years on it’s still going strong. One of the big highlights each year is the torchlight procession that weaves its fiery way through  the streets of the Old Town ending in a light show and firework display on Calton Hill. I’d realised that I’d never actually been before, so this year I made a last-minute decision to go along and see what all the fuss was about.20130103-114830.jpg

Being the hard-working individual that I am I was in the office in between Christmas and New Year [insert noises of pity here]. One of the upsides to this – aside from the cake – was that I got to see the spectacular sunset on the 31st from one of the highest points in the New Town. This was what we saw looking out over Charlotte Square.20130103-114823.jpg

And finally, New Year just wouldn’t be the same without a healthy does of fireworks. We quite like firing rockets and the like off historic monuments in this town, and New Year is no different. After Sunday night’s show on Calton Hill it was the turn of the Castle to bring in 2013 with a big bang.20130103-114838.jpg

All the best for the coming year, and here’s hoping it’s everything you wish it to be and more.


Walking into the Rising Sun

Like many I’m going to start this with a slight apology for the lack of any meaningful updates over the festive period. Sorry. Given that this is a blog mainly about (but not limited to) Edinburgh you’d have expected our winter festivals to get a mention but alas I had an incredibly hectic December (who doesn’t?), so something had to give.Walk of the Rising Sun

Now it is a new year. A fresh start. I’ve absolutely no idea what’s going to happen, but I’ve no doubt that it’s going to be – for me, at least – quite a busy and exciting year. In that vein I thought I’d start off the blogging year with something I’ve found the joys of recently – sunrise.Walk of the Rising Sun

Before you even think about students who don’t get up until midday that’s not it. In fact, I wish that I had been one of those, but it just never happened. I think I just didn’t notice it last year. It was dark, then it wasn’t. This year, however, I have a half hour walk to work every morning with nothing but my iPod for company.Walk of the Rising Sun

So, as well as sunset (if you’re a regular reader/know me you’ll be aware that I’m quite a fan) I’m now a big fan of sunrise. It certainly makes me smile when the sky is filled Walk of the Rising Sunwith the golden glow. The one down point for here is that I don’t have a (presentable) photo for my favourite sight: the fireball-style sunrise coming up behind Edinburgh Castle and the City’s skyline. It is truly beautiful and makes my day.

The sun has now risen on a new year and whilst we don’t know what is in store for us I have no doubt that it will prove to be every bit as exciting and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fast as 2011. As the golden glow begins to turn into fully fledged daylight, and the next set of gale-force winds buffet Edinburgh (and much more of the country) it is perhaps time to gaze into the proverbial sunrise, take stock and see how much we can influence what will be. I hope you had a happy New Year and I wish you all the best for the year ahead.Walk of the Rising Sun