Cheers Dad: Fathers’ Day Chocolate and Tia Maria Cake

The recipe in this post has moved to The Usual Saucepans.

Socks? No. Tie? Too boring. Toblerone? Done it quite a few times. Then what would be a suitable fathers’ day gift to say thank you?

Icing dribbling over the side of the cakeFor Mothers’ Day we (my brothers and I) cooked dinner – including chocolate and mango mousse – but that doesn’t really seem like being helpful as he’s not cooking tonight. As a compromise we’ll take him out for lunch. Not today as my esteemed siblings are absent (and every dad and his dog will be getting treated to same-y, rubbish menus today) so we will take him out later in the week when we can all enjoy it.

That just leaves one problem. Being the bestest of the bestest son (and fabulous with grammar) how on earth do I tell him that we’ve done nothing except get him a card of a meerkat mowing the lawn (seriously)? The logical solution (in my head) was to make him a cake, one which he would enjoy.

Fathers’ Day Chocolate and Tia Maria Cake

[Please find the recipe for the Chocolate and Tia Maria Cake over on The Usual Saucepans]
Dad in coffee beans on his cake



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