Instagrammers Anonymous: Rain, Sun, Edinburgh and Abroad

It’s crazy how the time flies when you’re busy. Not only does it not feel like a week since the last Instagrammers Anonymous, but I’m nowhere near the end of my enormous ‘To Do’ list. But with much of what’s left being holiday prep (only a week to go!) I’m sure I’ll cope.

Last Sunday I made the rookie error of going out for a cycle just before the biggest shower downpour of the day. Did I have a waterproof with me? No, I was in shorts and a t-shirt. Not fun.

I went out for dinner on Tuesday to a lovely little Italian in Comely Bank, but was ridiculously early, so went for a stroll round the pond in Inverleith Park first.The Pond in Inverleith Park

Oh, and did I mention I was going on holiday soon? I leave next Friday for a whirlwind trip to Moscow, Vienna and Bratislava. To say I’m jumping around with excitement would be a bit of an understatement – I can hardly shut up about it. Look – I’ve got a Russian visa and everything!

Whatever your plans for the weekend I hope they involve less printing, photocopying and ironing than mine!



2 thoughts on “Instagrammers Anonymous: Rain, Sun, Edinburgh and Abroad

  1. Wow! Show us the pictures, won’t you?

    My Dad went to the Soviet Union in the ’60s on a school trip (as you do). I doubt it’s much better off these days from what I’ve heard, especially recently, but it should be really interesting. I’ve never been to the other places either, but even I know what Vienna means: CAKE!

    • I know! I’ve no doubt they’ll make their way on here once I’m back.
      On a school trip? Wow, although I guess I did get to go to the alps and Paris on one of mine… I imagine there’ll be lots of cake involved in Vienna!

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